My public mission on the Municipal Council:

“ Act in a way  appreciated by your constituency”.


I welcome You,

I am a Councilor – of the Council of  South Prague in Warsaw. I would like to invite all of you, including foreigners living within this territory, in all matters related to daily functioning in our suburb.  During the present term (2010-2014) I also serve on following Commissions: Sport, Culture, Social & Health Policy.

I am at your service in Administrative Office of the Council at Municipality of Warsaw South-Prague,

ul. Grochowska 274, room 314,  Warsaw 03-841,

tel. +48 22 338 08 19, fax + 48 22 338 03 64,


Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MarekPiotrBorkowski

Personal Appeal

As a son of Southern Prague in Warsaw, where I have the privilege of  living since birth, I have expressed interest in steady progress of affluence of its dwellers. In congruence with  my electoral mission statement, my intention is to swiftly react to all notifications of problems and supervise each and every interpellation.

–          I cannot imagine active representation of my constituents’ interests without your active engagement. I will gladly respond, by personal presence,  to each  daily matter under your concern, be it: housing, parent council at school or kindergarten). – You have chosen me as your Representative under the electoral banner  “COMPETENT & EXPERIENCED” – and in that kind of guidance in mind I offer my services.


Pleasant information for all foreigners living in our midst.

European Union’s but not Polish Citizens, have the right to participate in the Municipal Elections – all information can be found at the following link: http://europa.eu/legislation_summaries/justice_freedom_security/citizenship_of_the_union/l23026_en.htm